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Our Story

What started as just a small thing to friends and family, has now become "The Botanic Body".

It all started through my amazing mother, Tana, who always had an interest in natural remedies. 

She always uses natural, homemade products on herself and still looks as youthful as ever!

She subsequently qualified in Natural Medicine from The Australian College of Natural Medicine in her 50s!

With her knowledge and also recipes that have been handed down for generations, we started blending various botanicals from around the world in unique combinations for both our skin and hair. Almost immediately, we saw the benefits of using these beautiful handcrafted skin care blends.

As for me, I am a medical scientist by qualification having majored in biochemistry and microbiology. After having my 3 beautiful boys, I decided to go back to studying and have since become a qualified skin care formulator.

My mum and I decided to put our collective knowledge and interest to good use - and thus "The Botanic Body".